An Addict Says Goodbye to Her Drug

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Lying on this bench downtown

I see your reflection in the windows above me

Your memory screams to me

And the statues stare me down.

The longer I let you linger

The longer my soul you steal

Is nothing sacred anymore?

I spill onto the pavement

Your glue disintegrates and I break into pieces

I shatter and my shards reflect light no more

And then… only then

When I no more think I can

When my world is in ruins

And I’ve killed off who am

When I’m sick

And you’re grinning

And I’m lost

And you’re winning

When my sins become my living

And I’ve no fight left inside

Only then…

When I pray for relief

For that one last release

And so quickly I’m sinking

Obsessing and thinking

Death would be better than this

Only then…

The lightest feather floats down to me

A tiny beam of light shines

And my tears turn my Medusa to stone.

As you fade away I look up to the sky

And I can see the light clearly now

Hope has burst through and wraps me in truth

I leave you behind and I grow.