2016: Let’s Battle This Crisis Together!

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Today is the first day of 2016.

We are in the middle of an epidemic.  People are dying every 9 minutes from an accidental overdose.

Yes, accidental. Addicts don’t mean to overdose, addicts don’t plan on growing up and becoming an addict. Addicts are your daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmothers and grandfathers. Your friends, addicts are everywhere and need help. We need to come together and do everything to fight this crisis.

The DEA has piloted a new program called the 360 Strategy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Right here in OUR YARD, not our back yard.  The federal government is changing how it is addressing this crisis. One part of this strategy is listed below.

Community Outreach and partnership with local organizations following enforcement operations, equipping and empowering communities to fight the opioid epidemic

Not One More Pittsburgh Chapter is part of this strategy and working with the DEA along with other grass root local organizations.

This is a medical crisis, pain pills are being prescribed so freely, age of use is getting younger. We need to band together and fight save lives.

I am asking EVERYONE to help and fight!

To think that you are not affected is naive. EVERYONE is affected in one way or another.

Please sign up below and let us know how you will help. This is a community effort and the community needs to be involved.

Will you help?