Together We Can Make A Difference

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Below is the mission statement of Not One More Pittsburgh.


Not One More Pittsburgh Chapter’s purpose is to bring the community together and educate citizens about the drug epidemic that is destroying families and killing our loved ones.

Our goal is to provide support, pave the way for narcan to be widely distributed throughout the area and to provide training for narcan injection. We hope to reduce the stigma associated with the disease which prevents those affected from reaching out and receiving help.

Bringing the community is a big task in and of itself. We have seen once again of the past week how powerful of an impact this horrible health crisis is affecting our community.  When I say community I am talking on a very large scale. Many people are started on this path to addiction because of pain management with legal and prescribed medicine. We ALL must remember that people who are addict are suffering from a disease, they do not want to be addicts. They do not want to give up everything they have to be a slave to drugs. Their loved ones are struggling with how to manage and while living a nightmare every day and waiting for the one call.

As the weather breaks we will be seeing vigils that Not One More is known for, please attend one and listen to and talk with the people speaking and in attendance.

We are parents. We are family. We are a community.

We stand united to say…




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