My Daughter’s Keeper

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As I wake I wonder,
What will you do today?

Will you take her to darkness,
Or leave her in pain?

Is it her life you want
Or just give her shame?

How long will you keep her
Before tossing her aside?

Will she be frail and weak
Or just empty inside?

What is the price
You want us to pay?

How much does it cost
I will do anything today.

What will it take for you
To leave her alone?

All I ask
is you let her come home.

Where those she loves
Won’t leave her to die.

Why not give her up?
There are others in line.

You have a choice to make
So tell me her price.

She is my daughter
Nothing I won’t sacrifice.

I promise to hunt you down
And show you revenge.

I will make you weak
And suffer without end.

I will take your victims
And give them hope.

No longer strong
You will just be Dope.

You mess with one Mom
You mess with all of us.

Don’t be such a fool
You can not beat our rush.

We are coming for you
Just wait and see.

Families with passion
That won’t let you free.

My love for my daughter
Will never let her down.

But you, my enemy
Will not stay around.