Still Standing: Addicts Talk About Living Sober by Bucky Sinister

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Stories heal, and Bucky Sinister. sober since February 19th, 2002 and a veteran of the punk rock and spoken word scene, brings the stories from the trenches about how to get sober, stay sober, and live sober. Still Standing is about the stories that heal you and the hard times that don’t kill you.
Sinister goes beyond the 12-steps with stories from the misfits, freaks, and weirdos that have come to recovery from a variety of backgrounds – tattoo artists, bartenders, musicians to help answer the What Now? question of living sober. Here are stories that offer guidance and hope to a new generation of people looking to help themselves.

Bucky Sinister is a stand-up comedian, performance artist and a poet. He lives in San Francisco, California.