2017 Beaver Memorial Video

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Creating memorial videos are very hard to work on. We are all so connected to this crisis and feel the pain so much. Assembling the pictures and trying so hard to honor everyone is a task that is emotionally exhausting. Sami did beautifully!

Thank you to all who submitted these photos. We at Not One More are committed to ending the stigma of opioid addiction and overdose death. This video demonstrates that the effects of this devastating disease does not discriminate. These people were so very loved, and still loved, by all of us.

This health crisis is taking so many lives and leaving holes in so many people’s hearts. We hope you will join us at future vigils and events to help fight this crisis.

The wonderful news is that with the money we raised last night, we now have enough to purchase our very own projector! Having our own projector to use for video memorials and naloxone education workshops has be a top priority. Your donations and money spent will be put back into our community to fight this epidemic, raise awareness, and educate on opioid overdose risk/recognition/response. For that, we can’t thank you enough.

To submit your loved one, please click here and fill out the form.

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Below is the complete archived live stream of the rally.