Three Strikes You’re Out

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Believe it or not some town in Ohio, because of budget woes has decided that the third time you overdose on heroin, you die.

Yep, I am not kidding. You die.

This is as if this council turned to their kids and said, ” This is your third time, so no help for you. You just have to pay the consequences, and that consequence is death.”

And, to be fair, money does drive everything in our communities, in our households, in our states and our country, so
Is this fair?

Can we keep doling out naloxone after naloxone balm to our kids, adult addicts?

Maybe not.

Maybe we ought to extinguish their lives the right way. With a chance, another chance and then NO CHANCE.

Heck, that mom can live with the tears, the dreaded call. She can do it. We can do it. We will do it.

We can determine who dies.

We can figure out which person to ax.

It’s OK.
No. 3.