Drug Courts Work. Why Doesn’t Beaver County Have One?

Drug Court

“We know beyond a reasonable doubt that Drug Courts significantly reduce drug use and crime and do so with substantial cost savings.” _National Drug Court Professionals

We have seven judges in Beaver County. NONE of them will support a drug court, even though it could save taxpayers money, reduce crime (78% of them) by 34 to 40%. It can have our drug abusers back into productive society for longer and even “significantly” longer periods of time.

Drug Courts produce a 200% return on investment. What??? And we don’t have one in Beaver County? 200%. How can you throw away taxpayer’s investment in government like this without being accountable, and providing valid reasons why one ignored this scientific and proven approach?

It’s incomprehensible and needs to be justified sufficiently to warrant taxpayer’s hard-earned money so recklessly thrown away on jail sentences instead of productive treatment programs.

Sorry for the curtness in this post but I am appalled that such a program doesn’t exist and I am trying to, need to know why seven judges are not finding the scientific evidence compelling enough for its induction into our county.

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