Laura PropstMy name is Laura Propst. My family has always lived in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. In 2009 My husband and I began our journey dealing with the addiction of our two beautiful children to Heroin, then 19 and 20. When we discovered they had been using Heroin, no words can describe how we felt. We had teenagers who played sports, had fun with friends and made good grades. They worked hard and had dreams of college. All of a sudden, we were the parents of two Heroin addicts; one within a year of high school graduation and the other in their first year of college. Learning this was extremely devastating. We had no idea that Heroin was so available to them, so cheap and so easy to obtain. We had no idea that they were seeing this kind of drug being used at parties as commonly as pot. We were like many parents today—Clueless. Had we known then what we know now we would have done many things differently. We thought that pot was the only thing they used on occasion and although we did not condone the use of Marijuana, we also did not take it seriously enough. We thought, “Well, we all tried it once or twice”. But pot leads to harder drugs. Maybe not for all who try it, but I know very few who have done Heroin or other drugs who didn’t try pot first.

Our children are now enjoying a life in recovery, but the threat of relapse will always be there. My husband and I are very lucky that our kids are alive. Every day many families deal with the reality of having a child or loved one lost to this disease and experience what addiction can do to their life and family.

In early 2012, I began to follow Not One More in the Simi Valley of California. I decided to put my efforts into a Chapter for the Pittsburgh area in hopes of saving the lives of our loved ones too. We now have a strong following and hold events in Pittsburgh and surrounding counties to achieve our goals and our mission.